Why us?

Independence with confidence and peace of mind with just a little help where and when you need it most.

Cost Effective

Assisted living facilities in BC range between $1500 and $6000/month putting the industry average at $3750/month often including services you don’t need. With Senacare, you choose only the services you need and when you need them at a fraction of the cost.


Customize the services you want and manage your costs. Decide if you need help with a project just once or if you need a recurring service like meal preparation, cleaning, yard maintenance, snow removal or outings and pick from hourly, weekly, monthly or annual service contracts.

You’re the boss.

Our friendly and caring staff strives to meet your specifications on your timeline whenever possible. Let us know what you would like to eat or how short you want your lawn cut; and we’ll make every effort to accommodate you.

Grow your wealth.

The high cost of assisted living homes often cause seniors to dwindle their savings and eat away at the nest egg captured from the sale of their home. With Senacare, you choose only the services you need and stay in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost while you sit back and watch the value of your home increase as market values rise.

No waiting lists.

Aside from high costs, waiting lists to get into assisted living facilities can be years long in some cases leaving you feeling helpless. And although space is limited, we make every effort to meet every customers needs as quickly as possible and are currently not experiencing any delays in service.