Although every job is different and each project can present challenges or require specialized equipment, our prices can range from as low as $35/hr and up based on job difficulty, environmental or geographical challenges, equipment or number of staff required.

In home meal prep or light cleaning

starting at $35/hr

(minimum 1.5 hrs per visit)


starting at $35/hr includes non specialized transportation

(minimum 1.5hrs per outing).

Snow removal

starting at $45/hr

(minimum 1hr per visit.)

Landscaping services/yardwork

starting at $45/hr

(Minimum 1.5hrs per visit per employee) Including supply of necessary equipment and fuel. Does not include specialized jobs requiring non standard equipment or large machinery).

Renovations/light construction projects

starting at $55/hr including equipment. Includes one employee.  Each additional employee starting at $35/hr.

(Minimum 4hrs per project)

SenaCare, keeping people safe and happy in their own homes is our number 1 priority. If you have budgetary restrictions or require payment plans over time, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person and negotiate a way to meet your needs within a comfortable and affordable budget or structured payment plan that won't break the bank.