“At Senacare, we don’t treat you like a customer. We treat you like family, and family always comes first.”

Owners Dan and Julie Choromiec have built their lives around strong relationships and helping others.

Julie has spent over a decade working in various areas of residential care from working with children to adults and persons with disabilities. Raising 2 children independently while working 12 hour shifts often requiring intensive in home care, Julie agrees that it was challenging, but always rewarding.

Dan has spent over 30 years in agriculture working directly with farm families identifying their needs and creating bonds as strong as any. Through the years, Dan personally developed and oversaw multiple programs that raised funds for rural private medical services, hot and healthy lunch programs for rural schools and provincial sports programs for kids.

Dan and Julie recognize the challenges their own parents face while trying to maintain their independence and quality of life as the effects of age, health and personal loss became an everyday reality for them.

From watching and helping their own parents, they quickly realized how very few affordable resources were available to seniors in our community which ultimately became the concept of Senacare.